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Anthony "Amp" Fleming


Anthony Fleming was born in the music city of Memphis, TN in 1982.  He was first introduced to music as a child by his farther that played the lead guitar. The music gene didn’t take effect until he reached the age of fourteen.  Anthony started to teach himself how to play the piano by watching and listening to musicians in the church and on the radio.   He harnessed his musical skills while playing and composing music for gospel groups in Memphis, TN. 


Anthony quickly developed into a versatile musician by learning to play different genres of music that includes gospel, jazz, classical, blues and much more.    Anthony has played many classical piano recitals for Southwest TN Community College, where he earned an associate degree in computer science and is now completing a music degree.

Anthony is using his musical skills to assist in the production of the Poetry Rhythm and Soul event, where he serves as the Musical Director.  He was instrumental in starting this event along with his brother Charles Fleming and friend Lakisha Franklin.  This event was started to allow people the chance to display their talents such as singing, poetry, dance, comedy, etc.  He has plans to release a Smooth Jazz CD with his brother in the future. 

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