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Underground Nights - Underground Band
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About Us

Poetry Rhythm and Soul Productions was founded in October of 2005. We provide a unique setting for an evening of enjoyment and relaxation through music and poetry. This event was designed with these purposes:

1. To provide local talent in Memphis, TN an opportunity to share their gifts.

2. To provide youth and young adults with an opportunity to learn and become a part of a full live production in every way  possible (ie.. filming, hosting,stage         production,sound technician etc..)

3. To provide a smooth and calm atmosphere allowing individuals to freely socialize and network.

Board of Executives

Charles Fleming


Growing up with a foundation for the love of music, Charles Fleming grew up in a family where music comes naturally. His father played lead guitar and his uncles played

the piano.


His father and other family members were very instrumental in the early years of his foundations for the love of music.  Charles say, ''They have truly help me develope my skills in music and inspired me to become the musician that I am today".


With his musical upbringing, it is no surprise why music is one of his greatest passions.

Anthony Fleming


Anthony Fleming was born in the music city of Memphis, TN in 1982. He was first introduced to music as a child by his farther that played the lead guitar. The music gene didn’t take effect until he reached the age of fourteen.


Anthony started to teach himself how to play the piano by watching and listening to musicians in the church and on the radio.   He harnessed his musical skills while playing and composing music for gospel groups in Memphis, TN.


 Anthony quickly developed into a versatile musician by learning to play different genres of . . . 

Karen Morris


Karen Morris is a Memphis Tennessee native. She has always had a passion for helping people
and serving in her community, which lead to her path in nursing. However, due to her love for music and production she knew  that was not all she wanted to pursue in her lifetime.


She is no stranger to the music scene having come from a family of musical talents. Karen spent a lot of time growing up around the music scene.


Over the years, she groomed a long-time relationship with secretary, and also handles and public . . .

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