Karen Morris


Karen Moris

Karen Morris is a Memphis Tennessee native. She has always had a passion for people and serving which lead to her path in nursing. However, due to her love for music and production she knew that was not all she wanted to pursue in life. She is no stranger to the music scene having come from a family of musical talents. Karen spent a lot of time growing up around the music scene. Over the years, she groomed a long-time relationship with her friends, whom created a production, the Poetry, Rhythm, & Soul.  After a few months of attending the events, a spark was lit and she wanted to be a part of something great.



Karen now serves as the event coordinator and secretary, and also handles and public relations for the production. In working with the PRSoul team since 2008, more opportunities started to arise and Karen knew this was something that she enjoyed and wasn’t just a hobby. Karen has been involved with the planning and development of events as small as organizational meetings and seminars to as large as major concert production tours. Karen has assisted with several artists locally and nationally-known to include gospel recording artist Fred Hammond, rapper and business owner Master P, and film, television, and theater actor, and performer Trevor Jackson, singer Leigh Bush (also known as Sammie). Karen also has volunteered her time and skills to churches, schools, and non-profit organizations, including Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis a local organization that reaches out to families and youth in the city. 


Karen is now expanding her skills to offer expertise in all aspects of events to include public relations, event planning, marketing, and promotions, by harnessing her network, natural hospitality and enthusiasm to benefit the clients and artists with an experience unlike any other.